Saturday, February 5, 2011

New products in the works!

Now that everything has settled down from the holiday rush I'm back in my "lab" mixing up some new products for everyone to enjoy. I'm really interested in duochromes right now, so far I've come up with a gorgeous orange with green duochromes. It's one of those colors that you look at and say "OK, cool color - wait a minute! Did I see a flash of green there?" I think you guys will love it! I've also come up with a really neat green with blue duochrome. It reminds me of looking out on the ocean water, one minute it's blue and the next it's green, you can't really decide what color it is! This is definitely another on my "keepers" list. Although it's not a duochrome I also came up with a gorgeous fuschia pink color - nice and bright with complexity and depth, you're gonna love it!

Also in the works:

I'm working on a great new eyeshadow base to be used as an alternative to my eyeshadow primer. It gives a nice smooth base to apply your eyeshadows to and adds an amazing punch to your colors. I gave it the ultimate test last night, I slept in it and there wasn't any eyeshadow on my pillowcase, next to no creasing, and the colors were still bright and vibrant when I woke up this morning! If it can do that, it can do anything!

I have some new pencil colors coming out soon, Bronze, Antiqued Coper, Deep Navy Blue, Enchanted Forest green, Deep Brown, and Charcoal.

I'm doing a total revamp of my products and shop. It's slow and tedious but trust me, it's coming! Any suggestions (products, page layout, etc...) are always welcome, just leave me a comment. I will be holding a photo contest soon. I would like single color close-ups of my eyeshadows and lipsticks, and "create the look" close ups of your best combinations using Providence and Grace Cosmetics. By entering pictures you agree to allow Providence and Grace to edit the photos and to use the pictures at their discretion. Winners will receive store credit! Be sure and tell your friends so they can get some free products too!

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